Yamaha Scorpio Motorcycle Becomes Royal Enfield

Ras -Who would have thought that a motorbike that resembled Royal Enfield was the basic Yamaha Scorpio in 2013, this motorbike was rebuilt by Reno Adriansyah or familiary know as Momo from Mr.Kuztom garage, a custom workshop in Bogor, Indonesia

This motorbike is a request from Mr. Didit from the Makasar area, the motorbike is sent by boat from Makassar to Port Tanjung Priok. This motorbike participated in the motorbike contest held by Adi Pro, held at Grand Cakung Mall, won 1st place in the FFA ( Free For All ) class Custom Open.

The color chosen is Maroon Red, for the front tire using an 18 inch shinko brand, while the rear size is 16 inches, the front and rear fenders are hand made, the front shock still uses the original from Yahama Scorpio, the 575 inch headlamp daymaker cover buy from budung custom parts shop.

On the seats are handmade, the front frame is still original, while for the back frame is totally changed. rear view mirror uses yahama fino, for the handlebars still use the original Yamaha Scorpio, in the drum section still scorpio. For Swing Arm is custom, for candy tone brand paint finishes.

This motorbike buid for 3 months and the results are satisfactory.

Interested in the results of his work, can see on Instagram @mr.kuztom.garage

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